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Stuck Like Lint
Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 216 x 140mm
ISBN-10: 9385285815 | ISBN-13: 978-93-85285-81-3


How did Trisha come up with such an incredible collection of stories? Who or what was her inspiration? Why was she being so suspiciously silent? When Trisha disappears suddenly, complaining of a writer’s block, Debika, her editor for years, is left distressed—theirs was not just a writer-editor association but a bond of friendship and trust. Soon afterwards, the surprising news of her award-winning collection hits the headlines. As Debika braces herself to read the stories, she knows she must let go of her resentment. What she is not prepared for, however, is the shocking revelation that awaits her—a dark secret that will unravel itself in the most mysterious ways.A nuanced novella with a twist in the tale; a story about stories of women, who live complex lives within commonplace existences; each devising her own escape from the realities and challenges of love, marriage, and motherhood, to follow one’s heart’s desire,in the most unexpected ways.

Shefali Tripathi Mehta
Shefali Tripathi Mehta

Shefali Tripathi Mehta is a Bangalore-based independent writer and editorial consultant for e-learning courseware. Author of What Were They Thinking! a book on observational humour and co-author of Ek Prarthana, a coffee-table book, she has published short stories and poems online and in anthologies. Shefali writes on social issues, travel, parenting and disability awareness in newspapers and journals. She volunteers with the charity, Arushi and curates Gond art to support tribal artists.