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When A Real Lion Meets A Real Master
Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 225 x 150 mm
All colour; 13 colour and 5 black and white photographs
ISBN-10: 938528536X | ISBN-13: 978-93-85285-36-3

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The word ‘unique’ is pale from overuse yet for describing this book there is no better adjective. As a record of the enlightened master Osho’s work with his disciples during the 70s and 80s it is certainly a ‘one-off’. Osho conducted an intense experiment, attracting seekers in their thousands from every corner of the globe, at a time when the Internet was embryonic and the only ‘search engines’ word of mouth, books, and magazines. In working with the complex minds, polished egos, emotional, and psychic armouring of 20th century seekers, Osho created powerful meditation techniques which he used alongside structures and processes from the thriving contemporary Western growth movement. Osho’s sannyasins were adventurers – on the move, seeking depth, insight, connection, and meaning while shaking off cultural and societal conditioning. Into the vibrant and dynamic community known as the Pune 1 ashram, swept a flamboyant Italian, Carlo Silvestro, who was swiftly renamed by Osho Swatantra Sarjano – Divine Creativity. Sarjano received more attention, commentary, feedback, grooming, stroking, and Zen-whacking than any sannyasin ever documented in Osho’s work. Why did this ‘crazy Italian’ get so much attention from the Master? Was Sarjano ‘special’? This account of his life and journey as a disciple, his escapades, theatrics, and adventures, provides compelling reading and fascinating insights into the playful profundity of the work of the extraordinary mystic master Osho.

Swatantra Sarjano
Swatantra Sarjano

Swatantra Sarjano was born in Italy and already as a youngster, displayed a general avidity in learning. As a teenager, he travelled to Paris and met Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir; in Rome, together with Allen Ginsberg read ‘HOWL’ in the underground club ‘Beat 72’. He initiated ‘NO’, the first alternative magazine in Italy, and later staged pop music events throughout Europe. While working for BIG, the first Italian Rock magazine, he interviewed and photographed Jimmy Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Cream, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Who, Bob Dylan…

After the ‘Palermo Pop 70’ Rock festival featuring Aretha Franklin, The Black Sabbath, Bobby Solo and even ‘Duke Ellington’s Band’, he set out to create a commune in Sicily. Several years later he heard much about Bhagwan from friends and felt to meet him. He left for India, took sannyas in 1978 and worked at Osho’s ashram as a photographer, translated Osho’s discourses into Italian, and became famous for his cooking skills. He is the author of Food Is Home and Dalla separazione all’amore (491 Questions and Not a Single Answer). He has a restaurant in Vagator, Goa, called Buon Appetito and presently resides in Rome, Italy.