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A tribute to R.V. Smith

R.V. Smith

Ronald Vivian Smith was a journalist, novelist, poet, occultist and historical researcher since 1954, who travelled across Delhi, and discovered hidden tales and precious nuggets of history, anecdotes and gossip. His in-depth knowledge of the hidden lanes, haunted havelis, forgotten stories and secrets of the city of Delhi was legendary. From courtesans to churails, ghosts to graveyards and Emperors to the empty handed, R.V. Smith’s columns in newspapers and books covered all these and more, and were a pleasure to read. R.V. Smith’s book Lingering Charm of Delhi: Myth, Lore and History was published by Niyogi Books in 2015 and has been described as 'a captivating collection of articles about Delhi's past.' Delhi has lost one of its most passionate chroniclers in R.V. Smith’s demise. He was a treasure trove of information and a true chronicler of Delhi’s layers of history, myth and mysteries. We extend our condolences to his family and pay tribute to this charming writer, whose work we were honoured to publish.
niyogibooks | 30-Apr-2020