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Best Read Series’ 16

The Best Read series for the year 2016 by Niyogi Books doesn’t focus on books published in the year 2016 only, but it focuses on the contributions reading has made to your life and what you have contributed to reading. Books have multiple purposes. They have been used as entertainment but also for propagation. It gives you enough to discuss and sometimes even guide us. Books form excellent gifts, not just for others but also for one. Sometimes they blow our minds and sometimes they make you fall asleep. Books are great companions and you have books for every occasion, situation, mood, and even person. So through the Best Read Series 2016, lets at least try and identify one more book to add to our reading list in the upcoming year. Unlike the book bucket challenge, you can identify your interests with the person giving out the list and find something, which interests you. So, here goes an attempt to appreciate readers and their choices…   #bestreads2016 #readwithniyogibooks #books 
admin | 28-Dec-2016