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Books are the Best Gifts

It is again that time of the year, with the festivals round the corner, when we are surrounded with friends and family, taking part in all kinds of merriment and revelry. This is when we exchange gifts, acknowledging the bonds we share with each other and a time of spreading the joy. And what better gift than a book! One of our online retailers, Jaypore, has recently introduced books in their gifts section. We congratulate them for the commendable step that they have taken and here’s a snippet of our conversation with Shilpa Sharma, Co-founder, Jaypore.
  1. It is interesting to know that JAYPORE has included books in the Gifts category? Can you give us some insight on that move of yours?
We believe that even with Kindle, e-books and online resources, books still are a delight to have and there are many takers for them even now and they make good gifts. Since our books are mostly craft-related or fiction and non-fiction titles that are based on Indian traditional stories or have to do with typically Indian issues, they have an interested adience on our website. Moreover, upwardly mobile Indian middle-class today are in possession of most of the consumer commodity. Hence, books being a cultural and intellectual product seem to appeal to them more as a gift. That is what motivated us to move books into the gifts category.
  1. Most of us think about the usability of the gifts that we give. How fitting are books?
We sell beautiful apparel and jewellery, and during festive seasons we see a lot of sale in these categories. However, while gifting these items, one may wonder if the apparel would fit or if the jewellery would be to the taste of the person receiving it as a gift. With books you can be sure to a degree that these challenges wouldn’t be there. Books present intrigue and spike the curiosity of the person receiving them and that is why books always make interesting, long-lasting gifts, that you can talk about, discuss, exchange views on even later.
  1. Is it a new Idea or a revival of an old Idea?
Gifting books was a tradition prevalent in India, say, from the 19th century. But at Jaypore, we were motivated to add books in the gifts section because of customer feedback and the general interest we see in the titles we carry, for kids and grown-ups alike.
  1. In your site’s experience, which is the best occasion to gift a book? Is it personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries or social events like festivals?
Books make great gifts all year round! Whether it is life events or festivals, there is always a book that fits. It could be fiction for kids during holidays; coffee-table books on travel or India’s beautiful, colorful festivals or great reads on India’s awesome crafts that work any day of the year.
  1. What kinds of books are gaining popularity as gifts: Fiction/Non-fiction, poetry or what?
We see a lot of interest in non-fiction on textile and art as these are rich in details and visuals. People are also interested in fiction, especially for children and young adults and exploratory stories about typically Indian issues.   Shilpa Sharma is an entrepreneur, who co-founded and now spearheads Product Design & Buying for an online retail portal called Jaypore, curating high on design hand crafted products from India, .In her entrepreneurial journey, she launched Breakaway – a venture which plans and executes bespoke experiential journeys around India, Her latest venture is a concept restaurant in Goa, Mustard, which is an outcome of a shared passion for food and unique experiences that offers Bengali and French Cuisine, both meeting over Mustard as an ingredient.   [caption id="attachment_1978" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Niyogi Books Niyogi Books[/caption]  
admin | 12-Oct-2016