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Designer & dog lover 'Misha Oberoi' selects her #bestreads2016

The year that has passed has been more work and less play... mainly thanks to Niyogi Books ;)
So my interaction with books has been more of designing and less of reading, and yes, a bit of reading while designing. I did manage to read and go through books that did not require much time but satiated my love to explore books.
Here is a short selective list...
  • Tales on Tweet - beautifully illustrated by Yuko Shimizu;
  • Once Upon An Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers - A must read for people of all age groups;
  • Dogs! An Anthology edited by Vidyun Sabhaney & Jeremy Stoll
  • Alluring Kashmir - The Inner Spirit by Irfan Nabi & Nilosree Biswas, which I got to read while designing it;
  • Midnight's Children, which I am currently enjoying;
  Misha Oberoi is a freelance graphic designer, and also a co-founder and partner at Dsgn Unplugged. Her interests include book design, typography, branding, and publicity. She lives in New Delhi. Her works can be seen at and
admin | 31-Dec-2016