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Heritage Lover 'Vikramjit Singh Rooprai' selects his #bestreads2016

Vikramjit Singh Rooprai is a Heritage Activist and Founder of Youth for Heritage Foundation. He developed innovative techniques to spread awareness about history and challenged the traditional way of teaching. His methods include promoting heritage through poetry, theater, photography, music and discussions. Vikramjit started his career in the field of IT 14 years back and moved on to establish the Delhi Heritage Photography Club, which became India's largest platform for heritage lovers. His project is considered to be the most authentic and exhaustive resource on Delhi's heritage. As a believer of “Individual Social Responsibility”, he is always trying to learn and make others learn, working on several projects simultaneously, he also continues to work on his upcoming series of books on Delhi. On asking about his list of best reads for the year, the outcome wasn’t surprising but absolutely useful as he gave solid recommendations for anyone interested even a little bit on Heritage.
  1. Lost Heritage - Sikh legacy in Pakistan by Amardeep Singh (Himalyan Books)
  2. Asoka, the Buddhist emperor of India by Vincent A. Smith (1920)
  3. Delhi, Past and Present by H. C. Fanshawe (London, 1902)
  4. Delhi Fort, a Guide to the buildings and gardens by Gordon Sanderson (1914)
  5. A history of Delhi under the Later Mughals by Percival Spear (1951)
He adds, “Other than these, I had also laid my hands on 'Laws of Manu' and 'India Vs Pakistan' by Hussain Haqqani. These two books were also good reads.”
admin | 02-Jan-2017