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Is Your Mind Really Yours?

Life in many ways has been very kind to me, and I have a sense of deep gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. However, like many of us, I too have had my share of extremely low moments, triggered by certain events that shook me. It is largely in such moments that one’s spiritual quest as a seeker begins, in terms of finding answers to a set of perplexing questions that plague us. It is common to turn to various spiritual practices in the hope that there will be handy solutions given to us on a platter.While I respected the essence of the philosophies that many spiritual practices had to offer, I realised that no philosophy would work for me if it did not strike a chord of an ‘inner’ resonance. After all, blindly following any practice would only be an imposition, not something that truly connected with my heart. Thus began my journey, spanning years of introspection, of learning from a multitude of experiences, reading several books on spirituality while being an observer of nature and its phenomena. In the process, I realised that for one’s inner truth to reveal itself, one needed to stop trying to figure out the external world. What one needed to do was just figure oneself out.
This book, a culmination of all my efforts in understanding the self, is intended to stimulate the readers to dispassionately revisit their life’s journey so far. It invites them to carry out an honest exploration of who they really are and the relationship they have with themselves. The underlying premise is that it is only in the knowing of one’s true self that one can liberate oneself from the shackles of an illusory and caged existence, which becomes the cause of one’s misery. Life is essentially centred around the relationship one has with one’s self (with one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions), which in turn determines the relationship with one’s external world, comprising spouses, families, friends, society,workplace, and so on.
As a consequence, some fundamental questions have been raised in the book to provide food for thought. For instance: Are we, in our conditioned state, living a life that is akin to a computer hardware that has been programmed to operate only in a certain way? Or for that matter like a caged bird that is bereft of the freedom to fly and to live according to its true nature? Have we handed over the remote control of our lives to others, whom we allow to determine our state of mind, in fact our thoughts, behaviours and even key decisions? Are we honestly living authentic lives, being true to ourselves? The answers to such questions must only come from our readers. While they reflect on their own answers, a case is presented for them to consider rising above all the ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’ of the perspectives that may have been imposed on them, as also the multitude of belief systems they would have accepted as their life’s reality. The aspect of being true to oneself and operating from the ‘free spirit’ as an alternative to operating from the ego dimension and the programmed mind, thereby experiencing freedom, growth and contentment, forms the crux and cornerstone of this book. In sum, whilst this book does not aim to present any new philosophy to its readers, it certainly attempts to prompt readers into examining life from another perspective—the setting free of all convoluted ideas, opinions, and stereotypes—all that the mind has gotten entangled with and which never belonged to individuals in the first place. It is in this letting go and establishing the connection with the true self that they can begin to feel the liberation that was always within them but got caged in the mental trap. To buy :
admin | 08-Dec-2017