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Tagorean Treasures

On the 158th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore we present to you 5 books that you must read if you are a true blue blood Indian literature bookworm. This list of Tagore’s work will leave you astonished as always.               1.Two Sisters (translated by Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee) This book presents the eternal conflict of a ‘man-woman' relationship, which typically arises when any one of the two partners seeks both solace and passion in a single partner and is often unable to savour the joys of both together. He delineates the thoughts and emotions of the characters with their utmost complexities making them relatable even today. Read more:  
  1. Chitra, a play in one act
Chitra is a one-act play adapted from a story from the Mahabharata, a tale of Chitrangada, a warrior princess, who falls in love with Arjuna. One of the three Nritya Natya by Tagore, it shows Chitrangada as a woman who wants to be equal with the man of her choice while still retaining her own identity. It is a tale which is contemporary in its theme, characters and their ideologies it marks the relevancy of identity, femininity, and autonomy in present times. Read more:  
  1. Nationalism
This is a must-read for times when every definition and interpretation of nationalism is being interrogated. It is a series of lectures delivered by him during the First World War. Tagore who was one of the most prominent modern thinkers of his times presents an erudite version of nationalism which has now become gloom-ridden. Read more:
  1. My Reminiscences
It is often said that 'My Reminiscences' can be defined as an introduction to the entire Tagorean canon. This book etches experiences about his future poetry, plays, and novels. A surging passion for being one with Nature, a sense of imagination-filled solitariness even in the midst of a crowd, a consciousness of the concrete and yet non-recognition of its weight—all these aspects of the book inform his later creations. Read more:
  1. Red Oleanders
An absolutely compelling read for our age of complete modernization and our tussle with the stagnation it brings, 'Red Oleanders' is a play which presents the pathos of modern life where oppression, exploitation have taken a front seat and love, relationships compromised. The dichotomies of freedom and enslavement operate to bring out human life and its need for emancipation. Read more:
niyogibooks | 07-May-2019