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pink_1   Knowledge travels and leaves behind a trail of wisdom. Thus, the raison d’etre behind ‘Ink & Papyrus’ is to increase youth’s participation in the critical appreciation, preservation as well as promotion of the soft powers of this region, through writing, documenting, debating and invariably sharing with a wider audience, thus giving knowledge another opening, to find its way to the greater world. They say, “You can go as far as you dream, think and imagine.” We dream big but we know we are a spec in the vast world and there are miles to go before we sleep. And, so, we would like to extend our values; our interests; our dreams a little bit more and a little bit differently and invite anyone & everyone, who would like to voice/share their opinion or learnings, on any subject related to culture, heritage, art & architecture, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and even languages in the South Asian region. Given the glocal nature of our literature, arts and other cultural pursuits, it is impossible to discount the effect of the rest of the world on the subcontinent. Hence, cross-cultural studies is one of the areas, we would like to focus through this platform. Our accent on South Asia, be it literature, art, culture or heritage, is a conscious effort to create a movement in specialized writing with a smaller word count to spread awareness and interest amongst as many people as possible; age no bar; field no bar. Feel free to write to us at We are all ears to everything you have to say!  

"Raise your words, Not your Voice.

It is Rain that grows Flowers, not Thunder"


admin | 17-Aug-2016