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Tibetologist, Poet & a Mother 'Shelly Bhoil' selects her #bestreads2016

Living between India and Brazil, Shelly Bhoil is a research scholar on Tibet, an aspiring poet, and also a mother. Her first poetry book, An Ember from her Pyre, published in 2016, is written between whistles of pressure cooker and changes of her baby's diapers. Now that her son is 4 years, she is focused on winding up her doctoral research on Tibetan English fiction besides working on her second poetry collection, Laato, and two books of academic essays on Tibetan exile narratives to be published by Lexington Books. She was an honorable mention in FLEFF checkpoint story contest US 2011, winner of Tahoe Safe Alliance poetry contest 2011 and also got commendation prize in British Council supported All India poetry competition 2016.  On asking her choice of five books for the year 2016, she gave some interesting reads in poetry, fiction and non-fiction from her extremely long list of reads:
  1. The Vegetarian - Han Kang's (Winner of Man Booker Award 2016);
  1. EroText- Sudeep Sen's experimental cross genre poetry book;
  1. My Sunset Marriage- Hoshang Merchant's best 101 poems curated by Kazim Ali;
  1. Coming Home to Tibet- The Tibetan writer Tsering Wangmo Dhompa's memoir of her late mother cum chronicle of her travel to Tibet;
  1. White Crane, Lend Me Your Wings- a posthumous Tibetan English novel by Pemba Yeshey Tsewang (the first Tibetan doctor in western science and the first Tibetan English novelist) forthcoming by Niyogi Books.
admin | 29-Dec-2016