Time to say Goodbye : A magical Journey of friendship

Paper Type: 130gsm Art paper (Matt) | Size: 216mm x 140mm; 248pp
Black and White
ISBN-13: 978-93-89136-37-1


For Barbara, an Australian artist and writer, Rajasthan proves to be a welcome breeze. To her it becomes a land of wonders, of colours, of warmth and of rule-breaking. In this roller-coaster ride of uncertainty, what connects her to this world is an unlikely friendship with Tarun—an Indian man and his family.Time to say Goodbye is a narrative of this journey of friendship, where Barbara travels back and forth to Udaipur over a decade and slowly makes it her second home. Gradually, it becomes a tale of attachment, love and loss. It becomes a tale for all who have made a home even outside their walls.

Barbara  Carmichael
Barbara Carmichael

Barbara Carmichael is an Australian author whose love affair with India began with her first trip to India in 2005. The author is also an artist and hopes to evoke the same images with her words, as she would with her brush. Barbara’s understanding of India comes from her fifteen trips over the last decade and her ability to tell a story in a way that she hopes will inspire her readers to go on an adventure. Through the eyes of Tarun, Barbara sees India in a different light to the normal tourist.

Barbara lives in Byron Bay. This is her  first book.