Culture of Indigo in Asia: Plant. Product. Power

Paper Type: 130 gsm Art paper (matt) | Size: 229 mm x 153 mm
All colour; 101 photographs; 316 pages, Flexiback
ISBN-10: 9383098236 | ISBN-13: 978-93-83098-23-1

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As an integral part of the historical and socio-cultural fabric of the Asian subcontinent, indigo has served as a backdrop to religion, politics, trade, art forms and society, particularly in India. Culture of Indigo: Plant, Product, Power takes the reader on a timeline tour, with details of the plant’s cultivation and production process. Highlights of indigo’s commercial use and impact on fine arts, architecture, trade, heritage as well as an in-depth analysis of its resurgence in the wake of environmental concerns enrich the reading experience substantially. With contributions from globally-renowned scholars and art connoisseurs, the inherent politics and pleasures associated with indigo come alive. Vivid illustrations, insightful analysis and extensively-researched text hold promise for readers who cannot resist the chequered lineage of Indigo as a plant, a product and a phenomenon. This book, on the history, politics, and commercialization of indigo, will be useful for students, academicians, and historians. 

Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan
Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan

Late Dr Kapila Vatsyayan was a renowned art historian and  Chairperson of IIC-Asia Project; Former Secretary, in the Ministry of HRD; Academic Director, IGNCA; President, IIC; Member, UNESCO Executive Board; and Member of Parliament. She had taught at various universities in India and abroad. She authored over 15 books and several research papers and monographs. Dr. Vatsyayan was winner of several awards including the Padma Vibhushan. She had been elected as Fellow of several art, music and cultural institutions in India and abroad.