Delhi Light, Shades, Shadows

Paper Type: 130 gsm Art paper (matt) | Size: 182 mm x 182 mm
Black and white; 61 photographs; 212 pages; Flexiback
ISBN-10: 8190193643 | ISBN-13: 978-81-90193-64-1

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Whether it is the narrow lanes of Old Delhi, partition and the dramatic days that followed, the River Yamuna in flood, the Delhi railway station or college life at Delhi University, Delhi: Light, Shades, Shadows captures the spirit of the capital city of India. Indeed, Dhruva N Chaudhuri has seen Delhi from close quarters. Son of the famous ‘Unknown Indian’, the late Nirad C Chaudhuri, Dhruva presents Delhi’s history in a vivid and natural way. Delhi: Light, Shades, Shadows holds an academic interest as its contents cover the monuments of Delhi. It also stands apart as a narrative of the changing social fabric and landscape of the heart of India. Here is a book that will prove to be nostalgic for some and absolutely fascinating for others. The photographs, legends and text combine to tell the story of a Delhi that was.It was adjudged the Best Book, 2006, in General Category by the Federation of Indian Publishers.

Dhruva N. Chaudhuri
Dhruva N. Chaudhuri

Late D N Chaudhuri had begun his illustrious career as a freelance photojournalist at the age of 18, working mainly for The Statesman in Delhi and in Kolkata. His works have featured prominently in leading dailies and magazines in India, including The Illustrated Weekly of India. In addition, his photographs have been published in foreign newspapers and magazines. Recently, The Millennium Book on New Delhi included more than 40 photographs by DN Chaudhuri. His photographs had also been exhibited worldwide and he had won many prestigious awards. After his retirement, he had been actively engaged in wildlife photography and, in 1998, was invited to the Nehru Centre in London for an exhibition and an audiovisual presentation on wildlife in India.