Indian Advertising: Laughter & Tears book

Indian Advertising: Laughter & Tears

Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 229 x 152mm
85 colour and 133 black and white photographs; 388 pages; Paperback
ISBN-10: 9383098473 | ISBN-13: 978-93-83098-47-7

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Indian Advertising: Laughter and Tears captures the evolution of the profession from 1950 till the present times. This book draws pen portraits of people who have given shape to the profession. Advertising has at times seemed suspect in the eyes of leaders of governments that have ruled in Delhi after Independence. Indian Advertising covers the socio-economic aspects that influence the profession since governments in India wield enormous clout upon all business activity. The book also showcases advertising—the good and not-so-good—through each decade covered. It begins at a time when companies looked for full-service ad agencies that presented creative, media and PR services. It ends when companies are no longer interested in full service agencies. The business has disintegrated into Creative, Media and PR; each area now offers companies with their respective specialisations. 

Arun Chaudhuri
Arun Chaudhuri

Arun Chaudhuri began his career in advertising in the mid-1970s in Clarion McCann Advertising Services. He then worked in other leading agencies such as OBM and RK Swamy before setting up Campaign, a Calcutta-based agency. He divested his stake in the company in 1997 to start BRAND, an organisation that specialises in Marketing Research, Rural Marketing and Creative Services. He has been associated with a number of universities, where he has taught Advertising and Public Relations since the early 1990s.