Indira Gandhi: The Final Chapter

Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 216 x 178mm
All colour; 250 illustrations; 176 pages; Flexiback
ISBN-10: 8189738895 | ISBN-13: 978-81-89738-89-1

 495 |  17 |  9.99

Indira Gandhi is perhaps one of the few Indian leaders whose recognition factor has not diminished with time. Her legacy, both in terms of politics and progeny continue to impact the future of this country. In Indira Gandhi—The Final Chapter Suraj ‘Eskay’ Sriram, through his cartoons and illustrations, presents a snapshot of the Indian political and social scene at the time. Presented with tongue-in-cheek humour and cynicism, ‘Eskay’ has an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of the matter with just a few swift strokes of his pen. He brings to light some of the serious problems which faced (and continue to face) India in a witty and lighthearted matter. What better way to reacquaint ourselves with the good, the bad, the ugly—and the humourous!—events that took place during the ‘final chapter’ of Indira’s reign?

Suraj 'Eskay' Sriram
Suraj 'Eskay' Sriram

Suraj ‘Eskay’ Sriram currently stays in India and his editorial cartoons are published every week in Banker & Tradesman, a leading business newspaper published in Boston. He is the author of Indira Gandhi: The Final Chapter and  Excuse Me, Can We have our Country Back?.  Earlier he was a freelance editorial cartoonist for the Sunday Express and Blitz. He went to USA in 1985 where he worked as a freelance cartoonist and taught at the Rhode Island School of Design. He is a member of the National Cartoonists Society of America and has received awards from the New England Press Association.