Meeting Lives

Paper Type: NS maplitho | Size: 229 mm x 152 mm
Black and white; 244 pages; Hardback
ISBN-10: 8189738380 | ISBN-13: 978-81-89738-38-9

 395 |  23 |  12.99

Meeting Lives telescopes the time and space of myths, history and reality to recreate Aditi’s experience of life. But who is Aditi? A carefree daughter cocooned in her idyllic childhood of parental love; a friend among school friends who once charted out imaginary plots for their lives as grown-ups; a young dancer for whom art paves a path to freedom from worldly concerns; an educated woman who gives up a career to become a mother; a wife and a mother trying to articulate her emotions in a cultural ethos that sanctifies matrimony and deifies motherhood; a seeker trying to live out her theoretical understanding of Vedanta gained from her father while observing Thayee, an abandoned mother, the neighbourhood driver who loses his job…

Self-discovery is a process of growth, of travelling in the mind. The meaning of life is not immediately grasped by Aditi even as it unfolds before her. However, when she looks back into her past, happenings arrange themselves to suggest a story, the story of her life that exists simultaneously with other narratives, other lives. This sets Aditi off in search of lost time, while propelling her slowly towards time regained, and a crucial decision… 

Meeting Lives throws up questions largely considered taboo in traditional societies, and addresses them honestly.


Tulsi Badrinath
Tulsi Badrinath

Tulsi Badrinath has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Stella Maris College, Madras and a Master's in Business Administration from Ohio University, Athens. After working four long, dreary years in a multinational bank, Tulsi quit her job to devote herself to dance and writing. Her poems, articles, reviews and short story have appeared in various newspapers and publications. She lives in Madras. From the age of eight, Tulsi learnt the classical dance-form Bharatanatyam from her gurus, the Dhananjayans, and performed widely, at events such as the Festival of India, USSR, 1987, as part of their troupe. She has given many solo performances in India, and abroad. Meeting Lives, which was on the 2007 Man Asian Literary Prize long list as The Living God, is her first novel. Her second novel, Melting Love, was on the 2008 Man Asian Literary Prize long list as well.