Sayings From the Upanishads book

Sayings From the Upanishads

Paper Type: Art Paper (matt) | Size: 215 x 180mm
All colour; 104 pages; Flexiback
ISBN-10: 8189738283 | ISBN-13: 978-81-89738-28-0


The Upanishads, passed down in oral tradition, are said to be divine revelations received by seers and saints. They are considered to contain revealed truths that concern the nature of ultimate reality and describe the character and form of human salvation.

Ashok Dilwali
Ashok Dilwali

Ashok Dilwali magically brings snow-clad mountains and lovely valleys into our homes. He, undoubtedly, reigns supreme in mountain photography. He has mastered the art of capturing the exact mood at appropriate angles with his lens and presents the Himalayas, its people and places in a form and style never seen before. Dilwali won two gold medals in the International Photography Competitions in Austria (2005 and 2006). He also received the third prize in a photography competition held in the USA in 2002. This is his 25th publication.