Shades of Kashmir: Landscape. Daily Life. People

Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 228 x 228mm
All colour; 171 photographs; 180 pages; Hardback
ISBN-10: 9383098864 | ISBN-13: 978-93-83098-86-6

 1495 |  45 |  25

Shades of Kashmir: Landscape. Daily Life. People. Protest captures the poignant mood of the Valley when a modicum of normalcy returned to it after two decades of proxy war. Shome’s journey in this troubled and bleeding part of the country started at this juncture when he was assigned to cover events in Kashmir. The image that emerged slowly, however, was of a transient generation, wedged between the militants and the government, and a glint of its inner unrest. Shome’s resilient lens was quick to capture this tectonic shift in the Valley, simmering under an apparent calm, followed intermittently by death, gun battles and roaring protests. The many hues of this epic battle and its untold tales, unfolded itself in black and white, making this book a rich repository of contemporary history.

Shome Basu
Shome Basu

Shome Basu has travelled widely and has done a variety of assignments ranging from politics to features and business. His work on Kashmir got him international acclaim.