The Drift Wood

Paper Type: Book Print | Size:
Black and white; 300 pages; Hardback
ISBN-10: 9385285742 | ISBN-13: 978-93-85285-74-5


Udit never counted his blessings. And he loved being a rebel. But little did he know that his rebellion would one day uproot him and toss him into an ocean of uncertainty. A moment of rage followed by remorse and then shame all contrive to force Udit the young protagonist to plot a great escape! Soon he discovers that his ship had neither sail nor anchor. And when he is convinced that he would remain the eternal driftwood coasting along the waves, surfacing and drowning at the will of the current, someone walks into his life.What happens then? Does his life change course? The Driftwood is a sensitive portrayal of the trauma the Joshi family undergoes while carrying on with the mundane task of day-to-day living burying deep the memories of an irreplaceable loss. Running alongside is the life of their neighbours and good friends Dr Arvind and his wife Yashoda who battle the empty nest syndrome only to discover greater heights of callousness and selfishness of their son and the unexpected graciousness of a total stranger. A gripping tale of everyday and not-so-everyday happenings told in a simple lucid style that keeps the reader glued on to the book till the last page. A must read.

Pratima Srivastava
Pratima Srivastava

An officer of the Indian Forest Service, Pratima Srivastava loves to don a few other hats as well when time permits. A keen nature photographer, an enthusiastic birdwatcher and a regular traveller, she enjoys composing poetry both in English and Hindi. Not to forget her full time job of being a mum to two young kids! The Driftwood is her second novel.