The Kangra Valley Train

Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 216 x 178 mm
All colour; 109 photographs; 140 pages; Flexiback
ISBN-10: 9385285416 | ISBN-13: 978-93-85285-41-7

 795 |  20 |  12.99

The Kangra Valley Rail is a wonderful way to explore the rustic charms of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. The journey from Pathankot to Joginder Nagar takes almost 8 hours, following the line of the snow-clad Dhauladhars through landscapes that move from the sub-tropical to the alpine, through time and history. The book is a travelogue/guide that introduces the reader to the variety one encounters from the pilgrimage sites, the forts and ruined palaces of kings immortalised by the local bards and miniature painters, people, local architecture, cuisine and the story of Himalayan tea, and the exiled world of Tibet.

Premola Ghose
Premola Ghose

Late Premola Ghose was an artist and illustrator. In 1998, two books written and illustrated by her were published: Gang Tales from Ranthambhor and The Bodhisattva and the Gang. She was Chief, Programme Division, at the India International Centre, New Delhi. In 2001 she was decorated Dame in the civil merit honours list of the King of Spain.

Ram Rahman
Ram Rahman

Ram Rahman is a photographer, artist, curator, designer and activist. He has photographed architecture for many architects in India and around the world, and also for the Aga Khan Architecture awards. He is one of the founding members of the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust in New Delhi.