The Naxalites

Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 216 x 140mm
Black and white; 154 pages; Paperback
ISBN-10: 9383098856 | ISBN-13: 978-93-83098-85-9

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A tribute to its namesake, The Naxalites draws inspiration from the Naxalite movement that spread like wildfire in the Calcutta of the seventies, drawing the youth into the mechanics of “Revolution”. A fictionalized account of a socio-political phenomenon, the book encompasses various aspects of the Naxalite movement, offering a glimpse into the era of violence and political unrest that has left a lasting impression in the minds of generations that followed. The book captures the essence of the struggle for existence of the have-nots against the oppression of the haves through life-like characters. Written in the form of a novel, the narrative with its cinematic descriptions indeed evokes a moving picture.

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Khwaja Ahmad Abbas

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (1914-87) was a prolific political commentator, short story writer, novelist, scriptwriter and a film maker who preferred to call himself a communicator. He published 73 books in English, Hindi and Urdu, including an engaging autobiography and two semi-autobiographical novels, Inquilab and The World is My Village.

Suresh Kohli
Suresh Kohli

Suresh Kohli is a poet, writer, translator, editor, literary critic and film historian. He is also a short and documentary filmmaker.