Tiger in you

Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 216 x 140 mm
Black and white
ISBN-10: 9385285122 | ISBN-13: 978-93-85285-12-7

 395 |  15 |  6.99

This is the story of self-realisation of five musician friends—Rahul, Imran, Jessy, Keya, British-born Hazel, and the swashbuckling Bhombol—all fresh graduates from college, deep in the mudflats of the Sunderbans. Here amidst the serpentine rivers, islands, and its mangroves, the friends are left enchanted with its tapestry of beauty and silence. They are equally moved by the locals and their hapless living condition—their abject poverty, their inhuman hardships, and their undying human spirit to survive and improve their lot. A journey that begins as a joyride, replete with music and thrill, however, turns out to be much more for the friends. The book weaves picturesque vignettes of their escapades, which present wonderful intriguing opportunities for transformation for each one of them­—they discover love amidst poverty, valour despite grief, and the eternal triumph of the human spirit. This book is about that awakening within them, reminiscent of the majestic power and roar of a Royal Bengal tiger.

Shiraz Mukherjee
Shiraz Mukherjee

Hailing from erstwhile ‘Calcutta’, Shiraz Mukherjee was a first-division football player who also trained in theatre as an actor, writer, and director. A commerce graduate, he later shifted to Mumbai to become a filmmaker. Trained by Prahlad Kakkad, he has assisted celebrities like Shekhar Kapoor, Rakesh Mehra, Tigmanshu Dhulia. As the creative producer for a top-of-the-line production company, in Mumbai, he makes TV commercials, films, and documentaries and also organises theatre workshops for aspiring actors.