Volutionism: Artwork and Designs book

Volutionism: Artwork and Designs

Paper Type: 130 gsm Art paper (matt) | Size: 330 mm x 241 mm
All colour; 77 illustrations; 118 pages; Hardback
ISBN-13: 978-93-83098-41-5

 3500 |  105 |  60

One of the few books of original art work published in India. Volutionism, the lost language of the inner self, transports the reader to the strange and yet surprisingly familiar world of geometry, colour and symmetry. The artists have intended this book to intrigue as well as challenge in equal measure.

Anisha  Burman
Anisha Burman

Anisha Burman was born in New Delhi to an Indian family. The influence of a rich cultural heritage is evident in her spiritual perspective and her work. She has, however, spent a great deal of time exploring outside her own culture and have lived in England for over half of my life. She has ve tured into different walks of life, having studied Film and Broadcasting, Creative Writing, Marketing, Fashion Designing, and Art. A collection of her short stories is soon to be published.

Leslie  K. Mwambazi
Leslie K. Mwambazi

Leslie K. Mwambazi was born in 1974 in Lusaka, Zambia, to an African Christian family. His life story has seen him exploring many interests, cultures, faiths and religions. He has travelled along many creative paths that have seen him playing an instrument or two, perform on stage, write lyrics and poetry, dance, record music, and work in broadcasting. After moving to the UK he continued to engage in music and took up painting. Leslie and Anisha have spent eight years working on their art collection and the idea of Volutionism.